You can earn Kes. 2 Million for reporting tax crime with KRA’s iWhistle

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Individuals with information on tax crimes can earn Kes. 2 million after reporting to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) using concealed identities.

The web-based anonymous reporting solution dubbed iWhistle went live on Friday to help curb tax leaks which deny the country billions in revenue annually.

Crimes Kenyans are obliged to report include bribery, concealment, conflict of interest, evasion, fraud, abuse of office, diversion of goods, failure by a taxpayer to submit tax returns by the due date, manufacturing of counterfeit goods and other crimes.

The portal allows Kenyans to set up an account which generates anonymous ID and password in order to report the crime after which they will receive updates from the authority.

The portal can be accessed online using this link

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