MACmobile unveils live streaming platform for Kenyan retailers

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Supply chain software company MACmobile has launched a new platform that can support “live”  streaming of formal market retail “sales out” data from till points  as well as map the relevant stock holding in store simultaneously in the Kenyan Market.

This follows a partnership with Cognizance Processing who built the platform and will be available for Kenya wholesalers and retailers.

The platform will reflect “sales in” data to retailers while mapping stock holding in the multiple warehouses being used in the distribution supply chain.

Daily retail sales feeds and basket data feeds (when made available), stock in store and stock at the distribution centre, can be recorded and made available in a live feed to a dashboard.

This enables the manufacturer to identify Key Performance Areas (KPAs) against which performance benchmarks are established and deviations reported against. The deviation reporting is live and communication is made to merchandisers and/or retail management on the ground.

“We are excited to launch this new offering to the Kenyan market. Having a technology that can provide till data to close the loop of the entire supply chain is a game changer,” says Muhoro Gathii, Country Sales Manager at MACmobile International.

Gathii says the partnership will see MACmobile  closing the loop on supply chain intelligence with its
solutions offering now encompasses every aspect of the supply chain, delivering a single version of the truth from manufacturing to consumer sales in the general retail sector and to the Distributor/Wholesaler in the modern market.

“Ensuring that products are visible on shelf at all times is the crux of successful manufacturing and retail. However, actual sales and in-store data around execution, pricing, promotional and planogram compliance have always been the challenge. This has prevented complete insight across the value chain. With Cognizance on board, we have now added this last mile to our FIELDForce offering and will be available as feature going forward,” says Andrew Dawson, Managing Director at MACmobile.

Dawson says the plaform  is able to map retails sales per stock keeping unit (SKU), per store, per region, across the country, allowing for intelligent stock allocation, reducing returns and wastes and allowing for Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing to satisfy customer demand as it varies.

“The powerful analytical capabilities of FIELDForce, augmented by our partnership with Cognizance, closes the loop on supply chain analytics. Our customers have real-time access to a wealth of data to allow for proactive actionable remediation, instead of reactive event tracking. We can empower manufacturers to leverage a single version of the truth through the entire supply chain, so that they can move to optimal, JIT manufacturing across the country,” Dawson concludes.

Headquartered in South Africa, Macmobile started operations in Kenya March, 2019 to serve the Fast Moving Consumer Good segment with its cloud based value chain solutions and platforms

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