How are Betika Jackpot Bonuses Awarded

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Betika Jackpot bonuses are awarded to players who correctly predict 12,13,14,15,16,17 games, that’s for the Mega Jackpot. All those getting 0/17 games are also awarded bonuses. These bonuses are paid depending on the number of players and winners. The more the winners, the lower the bonuses.

For Midweek Jackpot, bonuses are awarded from 12 to 15 games. Midweek Jackpot does not award bonuses for 0/15 correct games.

Here is the explanation from Betika:

“Jackpot Bonus is awarded to winners who have correctly predicted 10 and 11/12 picks.10/12 earns you 5 Jackpot bets and 11/12 earns you a cash bonus. Amount is determined once all the games have been played and all the outcomes of the winners determined”.

Betika deposit winners’ money into their player accounts. If the money is in millions, they write a cheque for the winners to withdraw from their respective bank accounts.


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