Azuri introduces Solar-powered TV400 in Kenya

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Azuri Technologies has announced its latest generation of PayGo solar-powered TV, the TV400 for an initial payment of KES 8,999 and daily usage fee of KES 129 over 30 months.

The product combines a solar power system with double the battery size of existing Azuri products with a new, highly efficient 32″ television, allowing all day viewing as well as for at least 10 hours at night time, providing the company’s first “always-on” TV system.

Azuri launched the first complete solar PayGo TV product with a 24″ TV and integrated satellite TV service in 2017. At the time, consumers were excited to have up to 4-5 hours of TV every night, even in areas where there was no grid and no terrestrial TV signal.

As the market has matured, TV has become an ever more essential home appliance, particularly in the period when schools have been closed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Demand for TV systems spiked in 2020 as customers sought to access the new educational content that is being broadcast over the satellite TV system.

Now with an 80W solar panel and a 160Wh LFP battery with an expected life of over 10 years before servicing, the TV400 system provides peace of mind that householders are able to watch their favourite programs whenever they want.

The TV400 system also comes with two high power tube lights, two spotlights, a rechargeable radio, rechargeable torch and USB phone charging with extra capacity to support smartphones.

The system also includes a satellite dish and subscription to Zuku Smart package offering over 55 channels including all local content plus the EDU channel featuring the National Curriculum content, BBC and National Geographic documentary channels, Movies, Music and Religious programs.

Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri said that they are hugely excited to launch ‘always on’ TV to off-grid households.

“The ability to watch TV whenever you like, even where the grid and terrestrial TV is not present is closing the gap between rural and urban communities and bringing essential content including educations channels at an affordable price.”

British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott said that how we rebuild from COVID-19 will set the course for our economies, and our world, for a generation.

“Kenya needs to seize this opportunity to create a clean, resilient economy that is fit for the future, creating jobs that will last. We have put a clean and resilient recovery from Covid-19 at the heart of our partnership in Kenya, strengthened by cutting edge British innovation from companies like Azuri who are helping to expand clean energy in rural areas.”

The TV400 system is available from Azuri for an initial payment of KES 8,999 and daily usage fee of KES 129 over 30 months, after which the system is unlocked and all additional power is free of charge.

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