Tech firm unveils new solutions to fight Covid-19 at workplaces

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A growing number of tech companies continue to work in a variety of ways to help fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kenyan IT Company, Infrared Limited on Wednesday unveiled new innovative solutions to help clients ensure safety and wellness of their employees as more staff return to workplace amid the rising cases of coronavirus pandemic.

“To help address the situation, Infrared Limited has ventured into providing effective temperature monitoring, and robust disinfection equipment. The solutions currently in the market are manual, leave for cross-contamination, particularly in the monitoring division, the hand-held temperature units are more consumer-based products,” said the firm’s marketing manager Glena Jiwani.

The firm in partnership with Victory Innovations – a US-based Electrostatic Spray manufacturer, said it had spent the last seven months understanding the “Best Global Practices” particularly in systems that would facilitate Kenyan companies in the application of disinfection and temperature monitoring systems.

Companies continue to ensure that they have put the protocols and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health placed.

The firm specializes in the infection prevention and monitoring systems that would facilitate Kenyan companies in the application of these systems to appropriately protect their teams, client and themselves from the current and possible future infectious outbreaks.

The solutions will target professional offices, airlines, hotels and lodges, restaurants and even manufacturing and farms, the firm believes Kenya needs efficient and sustainable solutions to address public health hurdles.



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