Paxful enters deal with Althash and ABU to offer certified online blockchain-related courses

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By Steve Umidha

Africa Blockchain University, an organization stimulating adoption of blockchain technology in the continent, has entered a partnership arrangement with Althash and Paxful in a drive that will deliver free Blockchain Course targeting over 2500 young African scholars.

Christened, ‘Free Blockchain 101 Course in Lockdown’, the two-week tailored course being undertaken digitally, took off on April 15 and is expected to run until October 2020.

The unique online course will focus on emerging technologies in the usage of blockchain and bitcoin space and will initially enroll 200 inaugural students with a full free rollout also open to the public.

“Education is a key priority for Paxful and we’re excited to bring this initiative to them,” said Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful, adding that the initiative will redefine the understanding of the uses of bitcoin and blockchain technology to budding “entrepreneurial, innovative and creative problem-solvers.”

Blockchain technology also known as block, or a digital ledger, is a structure that stores transactional records of the public in several databases, known as the “chain,” in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes.

Blockchain technology also remains a quickly-growing area of growth for companies across a host of industries.

Upon completion, participants will be issued with a certificate from the Althash Blockchain – Credence Hub. It is expected that learners at the end of the course will understand the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, its financial & non-financial use cases, and how to use our resources to explore building projects.

“This move aims to create an avenue for people to expand their understanding of Blockchain in these dismal COVID19 lockdowns. Our motivation is that people, notably our youth, will take advantage of the initiative to extend their knowledge and identify new job opportunities in the evolving 4th Industrial Revolution,” Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, President, Africa Blockchain University, announced.

The African continent currently has a total of 17,827 Covid-19 cases (0.863 per cent of global deaths) and 913 deaths (0.66 per cent of global deaths) from the virus – and as a result more and more companies are coming out with self-sacrificing and inventive ways to keep people engaged weather schooling or working remotely at their comforts with the help of high-tech spreads.

“It is only through mass education given to everyone willing, do we stand a chance to equalize the playing field,” said Vince Hoffman, Executive Vice President for Community Relations at Althash.

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